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RW Materials is dedicated to bringing the highest quality crack sealant to Southern California. When we began Road Works in 1988, we saw the need for materials and crack sealants developed to last through the unique climates of Southern California. With the help of or full-time chemist, Derek Pettit, we have developed specialized materials appropriate for all climates ranging from the warm and sunny Palm Springs to the windswept countryside of Wyoming. These products have been developed, manufactured, and tested on site ensuring consistent quality control. It is our highest goal to provide a longlasting and trustworthy product. Contact us regarding receiving a quote or any questions you may have about any job. Send us a message on our Contact page, email us at contact@RWmaterials.com, or call our office at 909-469-5101.

Meet our chemist, Derek Pettit

Derek Pettit is the chemist responsible for bringing great quality materials to Road Works as well as the crack sealant industry. His time spent as Senior Manager with a variety of global organizations has contributed to his experience in formulation, research and development, manufacturing, and asphalt and plant installation. He has over 35 years of experience in construction and highway maintenance and worked for one of the largest suppliers of bitumen/asphalt and emulsion in the United Arab Emirates. His experience in the industry has become invaluable and has led to the development of over 10 new materials.

Road Works Approved

Our 26 years of exposure to crack sealing in various climates and conditions has allowed us to develop materials that we know will work and last. We know what works. That’s why we have developed these Road Works approved materials to fill millions of lineal feet of cracks.

Road Works can help

In 1988 we started Road Works, a sister company of RW Materials, which has grown into one of the leading crack sealing companies in the industry. Serving cities across the nation for 32 years, we specialize in crack sealing and have extensive experience with projects in city/public works, school districts, contractors, property management, military bases, and more. We are reliable, quick, and efficient at what we do, laying up to 20,000 feet of crack sealant per day. Let us come take care of the crack sealing for you. Visit our website at roadworksinc.com or send us a message to learn more.